Greg Johnson just released his fifth album, “ A Kiss Well Traveled”. This album shows you the definition of a “professional piano player”. That is exactly how I would explain Greg. His new album is classical jazz and he’s heading for the grammies. Last year, the song, “Best When”, was in the top 50 for contemporary jazz. Greg is pleased and very excited with this new album. Influenced by Chick Corea, Keth Jarrett, and Bill Evens, Greg Johnson has gone beyond “good”. He has taught over 500 piano students and is the best you can get. You can learn more about him and his new CD at:” - Francis Sala

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My thoughts after only hearing the intro tracs provided here is that I have found a true source of beauty! The collection will be glorious to finally hear fully when I buy it... BUT ... I wrote the following in a letter to the band, and will wait and see if they are motivated to expand their exposure. Best When Lived is such a fine piece of art. A beautiful experience in music. I know it will be, at least, when I can get that unshakeable impression just from the intro cut down versions of the tracks offered on CDBaby. I want to buy the album in MP3 format, however. Do you suppose you will ever get to that point? Sigh. I have a valid collection of vinyls, and have converted only about 1/4th of the collection. My best stereo system is in my computer, and I don't carry mp3 players as a rule. I just want to add your work to my library. Let me know when or if you will ever offer your entire body of work in a transmittable format. Your work will only flourish and your reputation explode by opening yourself up to this venue. The more who hear, the more will buy. I have no doubt they would love you. Waiting, Kelly King” - Kelly King
Editor's Pick ~ Greg Johnson & Glass Brick Boulevard Date: Friday, February 08, 2008 @ 06:31:50 EST Topic: Editor's Picks Artist: Greg Johnson & Glass Brick Boulevard Genre: Jazz Home: California” -


Best When Lived author: Joni Smooth and inspiring, another artistic work of art. My pleasure to have watched this artist grow and be a part of his music. My Christmas shopping is done!” - joni
.to it's fullest author: cheri After having this music dropped into my life, I finally found time to sit, relax, turn off the lights and tune out life so I could just take in the music. I found it to be remarkable. The energy exuding from the songs does reflect, not only life, but life at it’s fullest. The subtleties throughout I found provocative and inviting. The intricate weaving of the instruments, allow the listener to ride the emotional waves stimulated by this CD. “Best When Lived” offers great rhythmic grooves, solid and sensitive piano, bass lines to ride on, and the sax takes the melodies of a soul and puts them to flight. There is so much to discover on this CD, I can’t wait to find time to unveil another mystery! Thanks!” - cheri
Editor's Picks Recommended Jazz: Crossover Jazz music (#1 - #40) GREG JOHNSON AND GLASS BRICK BOULEVARD: Best When Lived (life Is) If Beethoven came back as Seal, we'd be his band Recommended if you like The Rippingtons, Yellowjackets. CD price: $12.97” - CD Baby