a kiss well traveled

greg johnson solo piano No band, no computer, no synthesizer, just my piano and me. buy this CD at CD Baby

best when lived (life is)

produced by greg johnson, ari rios, and greg "gg" gonaway On this, the 50th anniversary of the Grammy Awards, members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences considered 50 recordings for the 5 nominations to ultimately choose The Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the year this was one of them! buy this CD at CD Baby

Character Killer Soundtrack

The independent feature length sci-fi thriller "Character Killer" was written by Adam Cherier, and directed by Jamie Campana. Composer Greg Johnson wrote 27 different compositions to allow the soundtrack help tell the story. buy this CD at CD Baby

a ride up the mountain where miracles live

"A Ride Up The Mountain where miracles live" is the third release from Glass Brick Boulevard and features Greg Johnson on Piano/keyboards, Bobby Tynes on Sax, Robb Fordyce on 6 string Bass, George Cole on guitars, and 3DGG on Drums. It was co-produced by Michael Rosen, 3DGG, and Greg Johnson. buy this CD at CD Baby

a simple dream

The second release, "a simple dream," was the band stripped down a bit, features Greg Johnson on Piano, Kevin Palladini on Sax, Robb Fordyce on 6-string Bass, 3DGG on Drums, and Paul Cicco on percussion, and let loose to have fun. It was co-produced by Jim Reitzel and Greg Johnson. The addition of pop drummer 3DGG sends it soaring!! 3DGG has recorded with Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and many others, and sets a rhythmic foundation that cooks. The grooves are deep, the piano solid, the bass melodic and sweet,and the sax is tasty and soaring. buy this CD at CD Baby

Life as Essential Experience

This first CD release, "Life as Essential Experience," reflects the ethereal and smooth influences of living in Mill Valley Ca. It includes Cello and percussion for color, but still lets the rock-tinged guitar run free. It was co-produced by Jim Reitzel and Greg Johnson, and includes Greg on piano, Ray Sayre on guitar, Doug Harman on cello, Aviva on oboe and soprano sax, Robb Fordyce on bass, Tom Donlinger on drums, and Paul Cicco on percussion buy this CD at cd baby

Crystalline Thrilled - Regeneristas One More Time