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greg johnson and glass brick boulevard: Music to listen

character killer soundtrack

Opening credits

Paige meets the old-timer

The sound of the Tomes and Mission Control

(Greg Johnson)

Paige runs from and then chases them

Killer drums

Paige escapes the real world of Mission Control

Greer has a bird in the air, and Paige is in the city

Paige's theme - this is about me

Paige loses himself

Paige is drawn to a picture of Rand

(Greg Johnson)

Rand and Paige meet again

Rand's theme It takes guts to face the real world

A Hero ravaged by war, and the plates are flying

Joey doesn't feel so good

(Greg Johnson)

Joey really doesn't feel good and Paige accepts himself

(Greg Johnson)

Greer leads the march to escape

On the train it begins to sink in

The Journey to Stack

Martha's theme will become Rand's

(Greg Johnson)

Somehow writing him protects you

Stack basement

Rand and Sam sneak into Smyth

Its D-Day

Let's bring in the bad boys

The new world order is death to ideas

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