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greg johnson and glass brick boulevard: News

CD is almost done - February 2, 2015

We are counting down the days until our new CD "crystalline thrilled" will be available for you check out. It's very exciting!

IndieGoGo Crowdfunding - October 27, 2014

stuff is brewing - September 9, 2009

watch for big changes this fall and winter. we will finally be out in the world performing a mix of new and old material with a combination of new and old band mates.

also watch for a new companion web site that will be dedicated to composition, production, theory, and instruction.

on the air - July 12, 2009

a tune from our 2008 release "best when lived" entitled "stress" was chosen by san francisco progressive radio station Green 960am to play during the music stream between programs in place of commercials. its a great station, and i'm happy to be on, so listen up.

a kiss well traveled - July 7, 2008

the CD master was completed at Laughing Tiger Studios, and the cover design is in the loving hands of Liz Kalloch.

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